Air conditioning

Operation of air conditioning

Air conditioning ensures a pleasant temperature and reduces the humidity in the car. An air conditioning system consists of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator and based on the reverse Carnot cycle. The main thermodynamic principles are compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation.

 Reversed carnot cycle

The heart of each air conditioning system is the compressor. Typically, cars use a so-called rotary or scroll compressor that is driven by the motor via a belt. The compressor compresses the intake refrigerant in gas form, which increases the pressure. The pressure increase depends on the refrigerant used; usually R134a is used in cars. Subsequently, the state of the compressed refrigerant changes through the condenser from gas form to liquid form. This is due to the fact that cold air flows along the condenser which decreased the refrigerant temperature. The expansion valve reduces the pressure of the refrigerant, causing the temperature to decrease even further. This allow the refrigerant to absorb heat from the car as heat is flowing past the evaporator.

When does your air conditioning needs to be revised or replaced

The most common problem with air conditioning systems is insufficient refrigerant. This can cause a variety of malfunctions in your air conditioning system. Possible symptoms include:

Audi 200 AC compressor

Air conditioning revision

When the air compressor is not function properly, revision is often possible. The specialists of Auto Elect B.V. can revise your air compressor and return it as new. The revision is done with extreme care and only original parts to ensure quality. In addition, we also supply new compressors, condensers, evaporators, dryers, filters and expansion valves.

It is not always possible to replace the air conditioning compressor from your classic car for a new one. In many cases, no new air compressors are created, which simply makes it unavailable. You can freely inform about the possibilities for your defective air conditioning compressor of your classic car.

AC compressor testing
AC compressor testing

Quality requirements and warranty terms

All revised and new air compressors from Auto Elect B.V. meet high quality standards. The air conditioning compressors are extensively tested under the toughest conditions and adjusted with self developed test equipment and tools. We provide two years warranty on our products.

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